Welcome to Stratford and Freshwater Community Association

SAFCA was established by the two communities in 1985 to improve and maintain the amenity and liveability of Stratford and Freshwater. It was incorporated in 2005 and celebrated 30 years at a street party in 2015.

A history of 30 years of community engagement can be found here

The AGM is held in August each year, before the monthly general meeting.

Stratford and Freshwater Community Association Inc (SAFCA) meets at 6.30 pm on the third Tuesday of the month, usually at Stratford Community Hall.

stratford heritage trail cairns

Aerial View of Stratford, 1940.
Image: Cairns Historical Society (B4266

Stratford and Freshwater Heritage Trail Maps

There are two heritage trails in our area, Stratford and Freshwater. They consist of self guided walks (parts can be driven by car) with information boards at important sites. The aim of the project was to engage the local community by recording and sharing our history. Funded through Q150, Cairns Regional Council and the sponsorship of local businesses, organisations, residents and SAFCA members, the Heritage Trails record and preserve the rich and diverse history of the area.

Click the images to view and print.

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…just a reminder, our regular monthly meeting is on tomorrow might, 6.30 at Stratford Hall… lots’v stuff to talk aboutFYIAgenda1 Welcome and apologies.2. Elected representatives’ reports – questions, discussion:!(Standing agenda item - will attend if possible)– Cr Kristy Vallely, CRC, Div 6– Craig Crawford, MP, Member for Barron River3 Confirm minutes of meeting of 17th May, 20224 Matters arising:a) sediment runoff issues( 5 Duffy St; 181-183 Kamerunga Rd) b) update on Brinsmead to Freshwater Bikepathc) Jalarra Pk user survey progress e d) 12 Alamein St (truckloads of fill)e) Solar cells (Liz & Paul) discuss in GBe) Removal of significant old Fig Tree adjacent to Freshwater Tennis Club5. Correspondence: In and out; mail/email6 Treasurer’s report(new treasurer)7 Membership applications(from Freshie Festival): Robin Saltmarsh from Bluehills Cr; Felicity Bury from Cassowary St.8 Community Hall – Coordinator’s report;9 Stratford Community Garden – Coordinator’s report10 General Businessa. Planning & Developmenti) 181-183 Kamerunga Rd(Operational Works Permit) ii) 32 Martin St, Freshwater(compliant CA DA)b. Report on meeting(24/05)with Tim Dendle & Sharon Morgan re hall solar cells(Liz)c. Freshwater Festival(Paul’s Report)d. Magazine & Detonator Store updates(Paul)e. Damage to Pedestrian Refuge at Freshwaterf. Website hosting : $252 for Gabrielle Coonan of Just Purple to host our website. h. New bus stop at Freshwater(Paul’s mtg with Helius 17th May)11 Heritage trail: i) Suicide Bend sign update; ii) damage to sign #15: Stratford Bridge sign iii) mild damage to Magazine & Detonator Store sign (#26) iv) Dave Phoenix to upgrade Freshwater Heritage Trail12 Any other business13 Date of next meeting: 17th May 2022close ... See MoreSee Less
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Cr Vallely informed us that remedialwork would start on Freshie swimming hole this week… it started today…!… thanks CRC…!the problem here will be an ongoing one… since large rocks were used as foundations for the bike path bridge over the creek, the water flow dynamic has changed, resulting in sand being deposited in the middle of the swimming hole… this will happen every year and unless an engineered solution is found, CRC will have to excavate the sand island after every wet season. Initially when I raised my concerns with CRC, particularly as the eastern bank is eroded each year, during the wet season, exposing tree roots and making walking down to the steps fraught, the solution that was mooted was to have the whole area master planned. This seems sensible and may provide long term solutions …and rejuvenate the once very popular swimming hole. Let’s hope the master planning isn’t put on the back burner… ... See MoreSee Less
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a beautiful 80 tear old Fig Tree beside the Freshie Tennis Club has been recently threatened with being cut down. It is a tree showing signs of stress due to compaction of its roots by cars parking on top of them. A branch fell on a car recently, causing council to call in their arborist who is currently trying to determine how healthy or otherwise it is. A local resident has called in an independent arborist to give a second opinion. It is hoped the tree can be saved with some rehab work, stopping cars parking there & ongoing tlc.… the Freshwater Festival will go ahead Friday, but you may notice an exclusion area under the tree. We love our trees in Freshwater…the 100yr old Mango Tree out front of Limberlost has recently had many of its branches braced to help prevent mishaps beneath… some trees, it seems recieve attention… others are neglectedenjoy the festival… & be kind to the Fig Tree…! ... See MoreSee Less
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first Freshie Market of year… SAFCA will be there… come along, have a chat, learn what’s been happening in Freshwater & Stratford ... See MoreSee Less
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