(as set out in the Rules)

  1. To promote and advance the amenity of Stratford and Freshwater and the interests thereof and of the residents of these suburbs.
  2. To preserve the forested hillslopes and waterways of Mt Whitfield which form the backdrop to Stratford and Freshwater, and to preserve the rural outlook across the Barron River delta.
  3. To preserve the established character of Stratford, being older Queenslander-style detached housing, relatively narrow streets and pockets of vegetation along numerous gullies.
  4. Similarly, to preserve the existing character of Freshwater with its remaining areas of older Queenslander-style housing, relatively narrow streets and primarily detached dwellings, and to support the reduction of existing higher density areas.
  5. To encourage the preservation of the flood plain and rural or community use of land bordering Freshwater Creek and the Barron River.
  6. To promote community cohesiveness and cooperation and the discrete village atmosphere of both suburbs.
  7. To ensure the preservation and presentation of sites with historical and heritage values.
  8. To promote existing and future recreational and cultural facilities and opportunities for the residents of Stratford and Freshwater.
  9. To promote the involvement of all levels of government to achieve the objectives of the Association.
  10. To hold and conduct activities for the purpose of advancing the objectives of the Association.
  11. To raise funds to further the objectives of the Association.