Stratford Street Names

Information taken from Cairns Regional Council website and modified by Dave Phoenix.

Alamein Street, Stratford

Named after the battle of El Alamein fought in the deserts of north Africa in 1942. The battle is seen as one of the decisive victories of World War II ending German hopes of controlling Egypt the Suez Canal and the Middle East oil fields. Street surveyed and named around 1948-9 .

Andrew Street, Stratford

This street was originally surveyed on the 22nd November 1939 and the survey plan was registered with the Cairns City Council on 4 December 1939.

Arnold Street, Aeroglen

Named after Mr L Arnold who was the district forestry officer in Cairns.

Avon Street, Stratford

Named after the Avon River at Stratford upon Avon in England.

Behan Street, Stratford

Originally called Barron Street. The street was renamed Behan Street sometime before 1940. It was named after surveyor Thomas Behan one of the earliest surveyors in Cairns and resident of Stratford.

Belleville Street, Stratford

This street was originally surveyed on 6 October 1950 and the survey plan was registered with the Cairns City Council on 24th August 1953.

Clacherty Street, Stratford

Named after Bob Clacherty nicknamed ‘Hydro Bob’ who was a member of the Barron Shire Council in the early 20th century.

Cochrane Street, Stratford

Named after Samuel Cochrane who took up property near Stratford that he called Lily Bank on 27 March 1878. He grew maize English potatoes sweet potatoes and pumpkins. He also owned the Lily Bank Hotel. Around 1889, after selling his property to A J Draper he left Cairns.

Dalgety Street, Stratford

This street is named after Mr Dalgety who owned the land and was the foreman of the Shire Council works. This street was built between 1940 amd 1954.

Dalziel Street, Stratford

Originally known as Nellie Street, this street was renamed to honour the Dalziel family. Private George Dalziel died in action in World War I at the Western Front and his cousin Sergeant Henry Harry Dalziel was awarded the Victoria Cross.

Fitch Court, Stratford

Built after 1971.

Greenbank Road, Stratford

Named after the area on the Barron River this road parallels.

Hardwick Street, Stratford

Originally known as Lily Street as shown in the 1927 subdivision, it was renamed Johnston Street sometime before 1940. Sometime after 1971 it was renamed Hardwick Street after the Hardwicks who bought Lilybank from Draper’s estate in the 1930?s.

Johnston Street, Aeroglen & Stratford

J M Johnston was a sawmill owner in the Stratford area.

Keeble Street, Stratford

Mr A Keeble was an early pioneer in district who established a dairy in West Cairns in 189. He was a member of the Barron Shire Council in 1907.

Magazine Street, Aeroglen & Stratford

Named because there was a powder magazine in this street. The street was first surveyed in 1902 and an area was gazetted for an explosive magazine reserve. The magazine was built and commissioned in the latter half of the 1890s under the management of John Miller. It closed in 1950. The magazine keeper was Arthur Sidney Howgego (1872-1964) who lived in a cottage beside the magazine.

Marett Street, Stratford

Named after Mrs Marett who ran the ferry at Stratford over the Barron River.

Mason street, Stratford

This street was originally known as Bertie street in the 1927 subdivision but was renamed in honour of William Walter Mason a Cairns pioneer. He had a 160 acre property on the Barron River named Acacia Bank.

Michael Dwyer Close, Stratford

Named after Constable Michael Dwyer who accidentally shot himself on the banks of the Barron River in 1877. This street was built after 1971.

Passchendaele Street, Stratford

Named after the site of a World War I battlefield.

Rinks Close, Stratford

This street was the Cook Highway from the opening of the Stratford bridge in 1933 until it closed in 1977 due to the opening of the W W Mason Bridge. It was therefore named Rinks Close sometime after 1977.

Stratford Chase, Stratford

Built after 1971.

Tanner Crescent, Stratford

Named after Ted Tanner, earth moving contractor of Tanner Industries who undertook the development of this area in 1960.

Tully Street, Stratford

Named after Councillor Jim P Tully, member of Mulgrave Shire 1941-44 and owner of Tully’s Hotel (now the Barron River Hotel) during WWII. He died in March 1982.

Wilunga Street, Stratford

Wilunga is an Aboriginal name that can mean ‘place of green trees’, ‘place of many trees’ and ‘scrubby place’. The street was surveyed on the 14 December 1948 and was registered with the Mulgrave Shire Council on the 23 August 1949.


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